Gods and Monsters Movie

Gardener Clay Boone (Brendan Fraser) is impressed when he learns that his new employer, James Whale (Ian McKellen), was once a successful Hollywood director. Clay is flattered by Whale's desire to paint his portrait. He's not sure exactly what the old man sees in him.

Ian McKellen as James Whale

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Brendan Fraser as Clayton Boone

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"Quiet and lovely…one of the best performances the year will see, by the exceptional Ian McKellen...better work by an actor will not be seen this year." - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

**** (four stars).
"McKellen is as wonderful as ever! Brendan Fraser is perfect!" - Stephen Whitty, Newhouse Newspapers

"Ian McKellen delivers the performance of the year." – Rolling Stone

Winner - International Critics Grand Prix
The 24th Annual Deauville Festival of American Films

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Photographs by Anne Fishbein